Thursday, April 16, 2009

Neighbors Alice Goetz and her son Loman live just across the alley. Last week Alice brought over a batch of homemade butterhorn pastries.

Today, when she heard how wracked my back was, Alice generously offered me the hour-long session she had scheduled with a core synchronism therapist. I gratefully accepted.

This evening Alice and Loman treated me to a supper of macaroni, biscuits, and pickles, then sent me home with a container full of food for tomorrow's supper.

I'm lucky to have neighbors like these.


Flying Mermaid said...

What the -- you're not gonna tell us how it went??? Tease. 12 pages, please.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I concur with the Flying Mermaid! How did it go! It is ok if you dont want to tell us. :)
I am so happy you are in a loving and nuturing community. Lots of healing and prosperous visions your way. May you be blessed a hundred times all the gifts you have shared with us. I believe the work you do, your poetry and art and sharing, is very powerful deep, and healing for the world and I hope that you are taking good care of yourself. I hope that some of this makes sense. I mean well. Lots of love, Jessica

Chris Sand said...

Thanks Jessica for your sentiment. It means a lot.

And Emily--as for the core synchronism, I can't tell yet if it helped. Bobbi, the bodyworker, told me I'll need another treatment in a week. My lower back still aches just as much, but on the bright side, I'm finally letting myself relax and not try to do anything. I just pretty much lay in bed all day. That might be a result of Bobbi's re-programming work.