Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The late, great country singer/songwriter Hank Williams, Sr., and I have something in common: spina bifida occulta. This is a spinal column problem that causes chronic back pain. It was probably the main trigger for Hank's abuse of alcohol and other drugs. I do my best to avoid medications of any kind, but tonight I'd take a cyclobenzaprine, if offered.

In Olympia I managed to get three or four massages a year, which helped. In North Dakota I've had a harder time with that.

After work I drove around in the countryside for three hours with my 80-something friend and neighbor, Vivian K. She educated me about who used to live where, and which ranches were homesteaded by whom. A highlight was discovering that the little town of Werner still has a few residents. I'd thought it was long gone, a ghost town. Vivian pointed out a concrete artesian well that bubbled over with cool, black water, and we sipped from it. I'll return there soon with camera and canteen.


Anonymous said...

black water??? and you drank it??

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine read a book about how back problems are related to unresolved anger. I'm not implying that you have unresolved issues, I'm just saying that she fixed her own back. Also, do yoga, there are very specific poses for chronic back pain. I have a book. That makes two books that could potentially help you. Good luck!