Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August! The nights are beginning to cool down. Feels good.

Bryce & Cuti spent the last three days visiting. The first night they stayed in my Dunn Center house; the second night we all stayed in Killdeer at my parents' house; and last night we camped on the mountain. We hiked to the beaver dams at dark and saw six beaver. Coming home, we got temporarily lost in the dark oak-aspen-birch forest.

This morning, before I drove to the Museum, Bryce helped me record a new rap I wrote called "PO Box 007." He's planning to use it on his new hip-hop CD. He made super raw beats for it. Bryce is a talented drummer/rapper/actor/dancer/yogi/super-hero. Cuti was raised on a dairy farm in Argentina. Some people use the words "goddess" to describe her, like my parents, for instance. Grandpa & Grandma fancied her, too. She's rad, and I'm glad that Bryce and she have each other.

The Rappers ================>

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