Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I got word today from my old rap partner, Camo, that he's ready to record some new songs with me this winter. Camo's a beatbox maestro, as well as a harmonica dynamo. He was featured prominently on my first three CDs, and also on a few cassette tapes like stardust, and the first blackhole release from 1997. Camo was also in the country hip-hop jug band, Workhorses of Yesteryear, with the Reverend Asher Dudley and me. We all moved to Nashville in 1998 and shook up the Music City underground for eighteen months. At that point I moved back to Olympia and went solo again. Camo and Asher joined the gothic/hip-hop diva, Rebecca Stout, and helped her form a new band--Baby Stout. They packed all the local Cashville clubs, but never quite made it out of Tennessee. Eventually, after a couple CDs, they disbanded. Camo then co-founded a school of massage and phased out of music playing altogether. That was three years ago. It'd be great to see what kind of music he and I would make so many years later.


Anonymous said...

Rock ON! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

this is the most exciting news i've read or heard all day anywhere. really, i think.

Anonymous said...

my son (6yrs old) will be so excited!!! he loves the sandman and camo cd(s).