Sunday, August 13, 2006

In my spare time I like to visit yard sales and thrift stores. Here are a couple things I acquired last week. The ceramic E.T. lamp makes me happy. "Turn on your heart light." The keyboards have some bizarre sounds and beats. I found a used Michael Jackson Off the Wall CD (his best), a cast iron pot and lid for 50 cents, a beer mug with built-in whistle in case you get piss-drunk and can't move, a giant map of the world from 1954 with distorted country proportions, a paperback of Steinbeck's Cannery Row, a vintage Empire Strikes Back pillow case, a 1986 Alf t-shirt, and a weird 1970s puzzle of a robot looking into a pixelated black hole.


Anonymous said...

Good finds, tho I think the ET is kind of spooky - I know he's be staring at me when I woke up at night.

Anonymous said...

that's an awesome deal on a cast iron pot! i'm always searching those out and have never gotten any cast iron under $10!