Saturday, August 26, 2006

In the last week or so, I've worked on my house with Dad, disengaged from a long-distance romantic relationship, performed music and cowboy poetry around a campfire with relatives, been to a rodeo, visited with an astrologer friend who was passing through, made friends with two young women (one from Quebec and one from New York) who've been hired to band ducks at Lake Ilo, and played a lot of foosball and darts. I saw a movie (Dirty Pretty Things), started reading Cannery Row, wrote a new song ("Queen Patricia"), and made a painting of a war-ravaged Virgin of Guadalupe. At the Museum I mowed acres of grass, created an antique swimsuit exhibit, organized the library/meeting room, and prepared for tomorrow night's Cream Can Supper.

And I've had writer's block. Make that blogger's block.


Anonymous said...

hey chris and (perhaps) lilli-lovers,
i too found it hard to comment about anything after that post.
i only kind've knew Lilli and i recall her with incredible fondness. i do not feel worthy of i am lost. as i think about what i will type next, i realize that i'm awfully sad about this.

(it's taken me many minutes now to even say that Charlie Parr and Jeff Mitchell both "said hello" or something to you tonight, Chris)

Anonymous said...

i've really missed your blog postings this past week. welcome back.