Monday, August 28, 2006

I've got a secret addiction: Jay Leno monologs. This affliction is not as hip as, say, indie rock music. I'm just a mainstream rappin' cowboy with a yearning to laugh with the rest of my country each night. I don't even like Jay's personality all that much.

Whatever. As long as I'm here, in the USA, whittling down my debts, surviving, I'm gonna watch Jay's nightly monolog whenever I can. I'm gonna watch The Office, My Name is Earl, and maybe Late Night with Conan O'Brien, if I'm up that late. My true favorite is Blind Date, which is on too late. Everything else on NBC is boring, I think. Click.


Anonymous said...

oh no, not this again?!
meanwhile, baby gramps played on letterman last night.

Anonymous said...

Shows I am addicted to:
The Closer
Rescue Me
Project Runway
Without a Trace (reruns on TNT)
CSI: Miami (reruns on A&E)
Last Comic Standing
Celebrity Poker Showdown

I used to watch my name is Earl when I got NBC in my house, but alas, there are too many trees in the way.

Enjoy your vices. They keep us sane :-)


Chris Sand said...

Alex, you know I only bring up Leno to annoy you. But how was Baby Gramps!! Wow, I wish I would've seen that. Too bad I don't get that channel.

Sarah, I too love Last Comic Standing and any Texas Hold 'em show.