Monday, August 14, 2006

Here's the plan.

Record a new album in Washington in December.

Starting January 1st, drive down the West Coast and across the Southwest states to Texas.

On January 15th, fly from Dallas to Boston. Rent a car in Boston and visit the chilly East Coast for five days.

Fly back to Dallas and tour the deep South for two weeks, possibly joined by filmmaker Bill Daniel.

Then dip and weave through the middle and Midwest states until March 1st.

My goal: $300 per show. I want to make as much as a trucker does, 'cause I'll be deliverin' the goods--boxes of 8 different CDs, 500 pillow cases, 300 shirts. Plus buttons, zines, belts, boots, hats, mugs, and knick-knacks. And 200 songs to sing, many rhymes to rap.

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Oh Man, can I go with??