Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Today's correspondence:

Q: "what are your feelings about g.love and special sauce? my son (four-yrs-old and LOVES your music, by the way) recently thought that one of their songs was one of yours... and there is a similar feel if not a similar sound (to what you and Camo laid down on Until the End of Time)... . they are more blues influenced which is what i'm getting around to... i've never ::heard:: you mention the blues in anyway and i'm wondering if that style of music has had any influence over you at all..." M

A: G. Love came out at the same time as Beck. I didn't like either of those guys for awhile since I felt they were invading my "territory"... but like you said, as it turned out G. Love was a bluesman and Beck was more punk/new-wave, and I, folk/country. So, I wouldn't say I was influenced by him, but we had the roots music thing in common. We both liked Dylan, Robert Johnson, Led Zep, Hendrix. Blues hasn't directly influenced me that much, but definitely some--in particular unreleased stuff from around '92, '93.
From last week...

"Driving to different cities to visit Humane Societies, looking for my dog that died from cancer 2 weeks ago. Ended up listening to your Long Walk Home that I bought from you at Erin's Missoula sleepover in January. So I felt like I knew, a little bit, who was singing to me. The plaintive, lost feeling this album gives me really suited my mood today.." A

That, to me, is the blues.
Now, check this out!!! Timezone LaFontaine (aka Giles O'Dell) has finished the artwork for: (return to) the blackhole... (of outerspace).

It will be released on Crunks Not Dead the flyest label of 2005.

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