Sunday, May 22, 2005

We got old binders, threshers, combines, balers, seeders, reapers, disc ploughs, sickle mowers, horse-drawn walking ploughs, harvesters, swathers, you name it! You really should plan a visit to the Dunn County Museum this summer.

Today I created a space for children to chill in. I want adults to be able to absorb all the curios and not have to worry about their kids getting bored. Plus, we have all these signs that say "Don't Touch," and so it makes sense to have at least one place where young ones can touch stuff: two broken phones, a vintage calculator, crayons and paper, an oatmeal container, a cow's thigh bone, a shark stencil, two pencils, a cigar box, a wooden truck, a troll w/ a koosh ball afro, and some children's books.

Tomorrow (and all Mondays) the museum is closed. I'll probably help gather cattle for the Voights. They might be branding as well. Good chance I'll get bucked off again if I ride Peanut, so stay tuned...
Here's a joke:
A married couple were attending a rather long church service. The husband leaned over and whispered, "My butt is going to sleep." "I know," replied his wife, "I heard it snore three times."
So anyway, in unrelated news, tomorrow will be my parents' 36th wedding anniversary.


Notice the lilacs on the table.

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