Wednesday, June 01, 2005

June came fast. Creeks are flooding from torrential rains. I've never seen that in this country.

May was super wet too. The grass is thick and tall every place where cattle and mowers aren't. It's beautifully lush across the whole state.

Earlier today, in a tourism brochure, I came across this:

“North Dakota is the hometown of the world. A land of vibrant, small communities sharing our values and our lives with the global community. Bonded together by reverence for our land and nature, we celebrate family and treasure our nurturing towns. We embrace visitors as fellow travelers on life’s journey, welcoming them as participants in our thoughtfully planned and growing economy. We invite them to join us in a climate of exciting seasons, dramatic change and deep appreciation for those who have lived here before us. We offer peace and tranquility, and folks who will listen when you talk. We are a beacon of hospitality to a world of strangers. Our doors are forever open. Come home to North Dakota.”

I, actually, think that's pretty great! North Dakota is a good home for me.


Anonymous said...

I love north dakota! And out of all the places I went I wouldn't settle any place else. People here of all ages are a ton more friendly then most places I have been.

Anonymous said...

You ought ta go ta North Dakota
to see the cattle and the wheat
and the folks who can't be beat
You say hello ta North Dakota
and you just can't say goodbye.
The clouds are bluer than blue
The sun is sunnier too
and if you don't believe me
then there's only one thing to do
You ought ta go ta North Dakota
and you just can't say goodbye.