Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dominic, from Fargo, sent this regarding the final project that he and three others just completed for their Poetry of Rock class at NDSU:

"...We tried to show your music from different influences of different generations of music... we played 'Radio Works Fine' and two others and I talked about the formal distinctions of a post-modernist voice. Irony, tragedy, politics etc... the blurred line between high art and kitsch... Our professor thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the freshness of your music..."
Dominic's the guy who met me at the Fargo train yard at 3:55 AM to purchase four cds while I was enroute to Stanley, ND (from St. Paul).

This picture is of me and my first inamorata, Heather. I hear that she lives in Pittsburgh and has a nineteen-year-old daughter, but I haven't seen her in twenty-five years. We were close friends for three years and I imprinted on her like a fluffy duckling. Every woman I've ever gotten close to has been filtered through my Soul memory of Heather Dietz. I was definitely heart-broken when she disappeared from my life.

"Hez" blossomed so early and brightly; I still wait to take off Kemo Sabe's black Mask.

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