Friday, May 27, 2005

It's possible to impeach G. Walker Bush

I'll always like him as a person (I like everyone), but not as King. I'd try to fire Jay Leno, too, if he attempted a hostile takeover of the Constitution. (Instead of the Downing Street Memo, it'd be the Leno Memo.)

Some of you might think I'm beating a dead horse, but George is not a horse, of course. Nor a cowboy. And on top of that, he's alive. He's the most powerful ex-cheerleader in the world. To our extreme misfortune, he's confused Imperialistic Psychosis w/ Christianity.

Fully forgivable, but...

Let's impeach him anyway. Seriously.

Last night I brought Margi and her friend, Kylie, up to G & G's cabin for s'mores. Kylie's Australian. Her name means "Whistling Boomerang" in Aborigine. She's a biologist who studies skinks. Skinks are a type of lizard. Good times on the mountain.

I'm glad Summer's coming. It's still below 50 F, though.

I'll be playing a show in late June at the Hilltop Elder Care Center. Apparently they appreciate the sing-a-long type cover songs like "Home on the Range." I've never been good at those sort of songs, but I'll soon be learning. My over-the-top raps will be shelved temporarily.

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