Monday, May 23, 2005

Gramps called this morning at 6 a.m. to say that since I'd have to borrow one of the Voight's horses if I was to help with the round-up, he didn't feel comfortable bringing me along. Thus, I went back to sleep--partially grateful and partially disappointed.

After a leisurely morning, I made it down to the post office where I picked up a most welcome package from Giles O'Dell. He sent nineteen almost finished tracks from the CD we're co-creating: (return to) the black hole...(of outerspace). I've transcribed part of the letter he enclosed:

Well sir, pardon the interminable delays if you can, but at last here are some rough mixes of our epic collaboration, soon to be the theme music to a million collegiate smoke-outs, the album known as "(return to) the black hole...(of outerspace)." . . .The entire progression could be said to follow the archetype known as "the hero's journey."

It is with some measure of. . .anticipation that I am beginning to speculate that this record might have what it takes to provoke strong responses amongst your fans. Some may shed tears of joy, while others will cry foul. . . Some will. . .smile. . .To some, this record will be the awaited follow-up to Slippery G--to others, it might be an unwelcome detour. . .the polarities of the responses do not matter--what matters is the GUSTO of them. . . And it will be up to you to summon the MOXIE to ride the GUSTO to a new dawn.


Anonymous said...

sandchris- how's the house hunting going? how's your love life? is being back in your homeland inspiring you artistically?
your fans want to know--

Chris Sand said...

1. house hunting is slow.

2. love life is non-existent here. however, there is a wonderful little bird whom I correspond with now and again, who is spending her summer walking across the u.s.a. She plans to be in NoDak in late June for a spell... i bought a picnic basket in preparation.

3. inspiration is high, but with a full-time job i can't write songs as much as i'd like. my evenings are spent on the computer and my weekends are filled with other activities. i average perhaps two songs a month here. my journal entries are my main source of creative outlet. writing quality cowboy poetry remains elusive. you can't fake that stuff, so i guess i'll have to become it.

Anonymous said...

no love life in Dunn Center???
you must not be looking in the right places!!!

Chris Sand said...


Anonymous said...

have you ever went to the Ilo Bar for ladies night?? gets pretty wild.