Sunday, June 06, 2004

The tour's not quite over but one circle is complete; Ivan and I have just arrived back in Winona, Minnesota which was the site of our first show forty-six days (and forty-eight shows) ago! We have snuck into my friend Alex's parent's home and are taking our first night off in over six weeks. It's almost midnight but the temperature is warm and muggy. By the way-- to much elation I have been reunited with my car tonight, 319 JOE!! I can't wait to start him up in the morning and drive him around the block. "Li'l Joe: the steel-horse that could."

We left Aberdeen, South Dakota approximately ten hours ago. I have so much to write about, but alas my back needs a rest so I'll keep this brief tonight. Ronald Reagan is dead at age 93... many Americans are sad. He was a horrible president who used fear and forgetfulness as tools to forward an environmentally horrendous and imperialist agenda but he's human, and he sorta looked like my beloved Grandpa Herak, and so, I guess, I, too, feel sad.

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