Monday, June 21, 2004

It's hard to believe the tour is over. I'm in Missoula, Montana about to visit my Grandma up in Polson. Today is the longest day of the 2004. I'm sleepy.

The last two nights I spent with Earl and Susan in Livingston, MT. This morning as I drove west I came upon an R.V. pulling a horse-trailer that had "Miss Rodeo Montana" written on the back doors. I decided to follow it until it pulled over for gas (which took longer than I'd hoped for) and meet Miss Rodeo Montana and sing for her my song--"Miss Rodeo Montana Says She Loves Me", which is the sweet tale of a seven-year old boy and his crush on his uncle's twenty-three-year-old girlfriend. When the unit finally pulled into a Butte Cenex, it turned out that the driver was a funky old mule-skinner who had merely purchased the trailer from her a few years back. He introduced me to his new mule which he'd bought earlier in the day in Wyoming. I never got around to singing for him.

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