Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hello. I don't know what to say... Maybe I'll work my way backwards in time by recounting the tour starting with the last show (for me): Williston, ND.

The best thing about Williston was the fact that it took place only one-hundred miles from my parent's house in Killdeer, ND. This is amazing because they are so isolated from "punk rock" culture there in western North Dakota, yet lo and behold this oil-rig town of Williston has a thriving population of rockers! The second coolest thing is that it turns out my nineteen-year-old 2nd-cousin-once-removed, Brandon Mickilio, plays lead guitar in a band there called Red Hour. I felt at home, kind of. Most of the audience were teen-agers but they liked me and a couple expressed amazement that anyone remotely affiliated with North Dakota (me) could be so politically radical and hip-hop savvy (it's all relative of course). The third best thing was when I throat-sang the North Dakota state song and all these fourteen-year-old girls started singing along! That was surreal.

"Ya oughta go ta, North Dakota
See the cattle and the wheat,
and the folks that can't be beat
Ya oughta go ta, North Dakota
And you just can't say goodbye

"The sky is bluer than blue
The sun is sunnier, too
And if you don't believe me
There's only one thing to do..."

Anyhow, I am becoming so proud of both Montana and North Dakota. The shows I played in those states were great. The audiences were huge and enthusiastic. It's been a long time coming, so big shout outs to my cowpunks in Missoula, Billings, Bismarck,and Williston! You all rawk and I'm proud of you for being music appreciators!! Fargo, Helena, Greatfalls, Wolf Point, Alberta, and Wyoming-- you're on my mind.

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