Sunday, June 13, 2004

Howdy from Viroqua, Wisconsin. I'm sort of in the wilderness as far as I can tell. We played our 51st show last night in a lovely hollow far from any town. There were mosquitos, lightning bugs, thunder clouds, and at least thirty earthy children running through the grass that surrounded the straw bale house which supported the 100+ person potluck and hootenanny. Ivan and I followed a jug band and a wonderful touring bike circus and played unplugged in front of a humongous blazing bonfire. The young ones ran in herds and yelled proclamations to the brown sky and occasionally I heard stray yelps coming from the nettle patches. We didn't make much for money but the food and company made up for that. This morning we were fed the juiciest blueberry pancakes ever-- with blueberry smoothies included in the deal. Now we swim... hopefully.

p.s. Tonight it's Prairie du Chien.

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