Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Now, I'll expound upon yesterday's story... The reason the bald man jumped me was because he had apparently told the organizers of the event that we had to all be quiet by 10 p.m. Well, after midnight a bunch of anarchist hooligans lit a big fire and started drinking excessively and shouting and singing loudly into the night sky. I was mostly just lounging around in the shadows and packing up merchandise, but at 2 a.m. I decided it was time to drive to Winona and sleep at Alex's parent's house. Alex suggested that I sing a lullabye to the crusty crew before departing as a sort of ceremonious last song of tour, and to help calm these rowdy, lovely youths. So when the old fellow finally made his way to the camp he was hot-under-the-collar about the drunken revelries from the four hours leading up to this moment which were keeping him awake. When he yelled at me "People are trying to sleep!" I truly thought he was joking since my song was so gentle and quiet. Thus, I just sort of looked blankly at him while attempting to elegantly finish the song and BLAMMO! his button got pushed. Word to the wise: some people don't like to be looked at blankly. Now I know. Fortunately I didn't smash the guitar across his face in my startled moment of mild assault! Instead I apologized (we all apologized) and that was the end of the "Sandman and Ivan 2004 Springtastic US/Canada Tour." The end.

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