Monday, June 28, 2004

Ok, where was I? Ah, the tour. Yes. Well the official last show of the tour with Ivan took place in Winona, MN which is where it had started 52 shows and 52 days prior. During the last minute of the last song of this last show I got assaulted by an old man who looked a fair bit like, perhaps, a balder, toothless Pete Seeger. It was ironic that after all my randy, rowdy, button-pushing Spring 2004 antics not one person had threatened me (let alone grabbed and shook me!) Add to this that the show occurred on a very peaceful and beautiful commune in the country. And also let it be known that this last song was the prettiest, softest, and least controversial ballad I play: "It's Good to be Awake When She Arrives". And guess what my offense was. Being too loud! (Tomorrow when I continue, this story may make more sense.)

I must go now and meet with the Slippery Goodstuff crew. The lazy, extremely busy days of Summer have arrived.

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