Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Fall tour is starting to come together (see home-page). It will be relatively brief but I'll be playing to much bigger houses and probably be getting paid well. For much of it I'll be with a fellow named Stephan Smith, whom I've mentioned before and who is already making waves in the folk-circuit. I haven't met him yet but his booker seems to think we'll go well together and recently talked to Andras about us doing another power-packed tour in November, on the West Coast.

I met with Andras today and we decided to self-release my next cd on Pop Ghetto. He'll fund-raise for recording and pressing expenses (we need $3000) and I'll supply the songs. My friend Willie Wisely will record it next month, and hopefully we'll have it ready to sell by October.

Here's the song order: (but note that a couple of these songs have been released before, albeit not to the standards they deserve for a potentially "bigger" release like this.)

1. Bruised Fruits (full-production pop song)
2. Shell-Shocked Man (a capella)
3. Scapegoat Song (hip hop/full production)
4. White Line Highway (country w/ hip hop loops)
5. Suspicious (produced hip hop)
6. Message From the Senator (minimal casio production)
7. Go Easy on Me Boss [My Heart is Breakin'] (pure country)
8. Virgin Louise (minimal casio production)
9. 319 JOE (weird hip hop/country production)
10. Shenanigans (hip hop production or maybe live)
11. Beauty Myth (acoustic folk/hip hop)

I'm excited!

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