Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two more great Oregon shows!

1) Bend--I was worried at first, because the Silver Moon Brewery is spacious. The Dirty Words played a blistering set, however, and by the time I took the stage, folks were galvanized and ready to listen. Thanks, Mike, for organizing it all, and for the super flyer.

2) Ashland--A sweet, petite house concert hosted by Amber, John, and Junin. This one was organized by my awesome friend, Jan Brotman. We showed up at Amber and John's early, and they served us a nourishing salad and hearty venison stew. The crowd that came was fun and savvy. I entertained them with bawdy tales of life on the psychic frontier.

Now I depart for Chico, CA, for a rockin' gig at Monstro's Pizza. Five bands!

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