Friday, January 23, 2009

Recorded a free-style record this morning with Nerviz and Timezone in Olympia. It promises to be radically different than other albums I've done, as it contains completely spontaneous lyrics. We laughed our way through embarrassment to hit sweet veins of rhythm and rhyme.

Later today I drove to Astoria, OR, for a gig at the Fort George Brewery and Public House. The owner hooked me up with locally-caught rock fish, home-made wasabi ginger ale, cash money, and a place to sleep. Merch sales were higher than I deserved, because I was exhausted and forgetting words a lot. The people in this village are gracious.

I still have much to talk about regarding the Radio 8 Ball Show last night and the Inauguration performance the day before. Both were epic in their own ways, and the film crew was there to capture it all.

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Robert said...

That's OK, Sandman. Even Barack Obama flubs his words occasionally! And the merch is well worth the price paid. Enjoyed the show very much and look forward to seeing you again.