Sunday, January 04, 2009

Friday Harbor last night was another success. "Sandman" shirts and pillow cases are almost sold out. I'll have to make more in Oly.

After the show I stayed gratis at the Juniper Lane Guest House, owned by my friend Juniper Maas. She and her boyfriend Sean are great people. We stayed up late talking about music and fasting. They were both on day 25 of a 30-day fast and looked radiant. I slept in the Mandala Room.

My crony Giles vacationed there in 2005 and wrote:
This place, the Juniper Lane Guest House, is incredible and no amount of my grappling with the enthusiastic and beautiful words in the English language is going to impart how amazing it is. Beautiful salvaged wood floors, great tile work, and every room with a different theme and different color scheme. The "back yard" was actually a vast pasture in a long valley with tall forested foothills on either side.
Well said, G.

My head is exploding from all the island kindness being heaped upon me (Doe Bay, Lunsfords, Juniper . . .). I'm spending tonight in Anacortes with dear friends Karl, Calli, and Ciel Blau. We all just returned from an amazing enchilada supper at Todd and Janna Young's. The Youngs own The ConneXtion, which is the merchandise distributorship I use to sell my CDs.


Anonymous said...

Time for you to embrace yoga, tip of the year for you!
Keep rapping!

Anonymous said...

Hello Darling! We have had Otter Cove in heavy rotation since you left! We love you and think you are sooooooooooooooooo awesome. Was her real name Addie Paul, and was she a real character?
So beautiful........By the way how many Juniper's do you know? Thanks for the sweet nod on your blog
Big Love Big Kisses.... J
P.S. I picked up my clarinet for the first time in 18 years and I am playing a show with Vail and Jon and my bro Gabe in 11 days at Doe Bay! We are opening up for Be Careful....Vail named us Metaldog.......