Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Highlights from the last seven days I haven't yet expounded upon:

Jan. 20
1. Watched the Presidential Inauguration on Capital Theater's big screen. The theater was packed.
2. Performed with Calvin Johnson, Kimya Dawson, and my band (Carl and Garf), on Capital Theater's main stage following the Inauguration.
3. Forty people, including Calvin and Kimya, joined me onstage to sing "Folk Legend (MLK)" to end the show.
4. Kimya invited me to teach the Dr. King song to her choir that evening.

Jan. 21
1. Performed on Andras Jones' fantastically theatrical Radio 8 Ball Show in Seattle.
2. Wrap Party (end of film shoot) with Elizabeth and Tyrone after the Radio 8 Ball Show.

Jan. 22
1. Recorded full-length Freestyle Record with Timezone & Nerviz in the ABC House basement. The process was refreshing. Thanks, fellas, for seeing this through!

Jan. 23
1. Gave Little Bear Sand a stuffed penguin. He liked it.
2. Cousin Kirby backed up Megan on Etta James' "At Last" during the Corvallis show.
3. Megan then sang a French and Italian aria during the Corvallis show. She knocked 'em dead.

Jan. 24
1. Got offered another $500 from the Portland Downtown Association for use of song.
2. Palm trees, fresh fruit, and friendly people in downtown San Francisco.

Jan. 25
1. My friend Amy "Amelia" Ellis Rogers gave me and Jason Kleinberg a free ride in her Cessna 172. Not only that, she encouraged me to fly it. We buzzed over the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Sausalito, and Napa Valley.
2. Played a super lame show at the Knockout. So bad it was awesome.
3. Helped friend Marni, who's recovering from a brain injury, organize her living room.

Jan. 26
1. Casandra and Asia's home-made pizza.
2. Kirby and Austin drove to Breitenbush Hot Springs to visit.
3. I had all the rock-lined pasture pools to myself, after midnight. Watched shooting stars until morning.


Anonymous said...

Roll On Cowboy,(Rock &)Roll On!
Or-E-Gon thanks and loves you!!!

Peace, "Mahatma Spud"

Anonymous said...

That pizza was damn good. Thanks to Asia & Casandra and the rest of the crew for letting us hang out.


Anonymous said...

that's a mighty fine week.
it's kind've like you got a reward for your lengthy support of our new president.
i hope things stay positive...like this, for you, and us.
happy rollin' cowboy!

Anonymous said...

the show at the capitol was awesome, i will definitely try to see you again! you made the inauguration extra special!