Sunday, January 25, 2009

By the skin of my teeth I caught my flight to San Francisco yesterday. Jason Kleinberg, a saintly musical luminary of the Bay, picked me up at the airport. We ate burritos and talked about U.S. Presidents.

To catch the plane in time, I was forced to leave my toy drum machines, guitar, boots, hat, "Sandman" shirts and pillow cases, and sleeping bag in the car in Portland. All I grabbed was a box of CDs, a toothbrush, and this laptop.

The house concert was surreal. I felt partially naked without my Western attire. Kleinberg opened the evening with songs of whimsy and truth. Joe Rut played next with brutal and funny ballads. Jen Grady was there. She joined me for three songs and then rocked one of her own.

The evening ended, hootenanny style, with the guitar being passed around until early morn. I made many new friends. Thanks, Jason and Nelly, for throwing a wonderful party!

I'll be in the City one more day. Tomorrow I fly back to Oregon for three more shows: Breitenbush, Bend, and Ashland.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Safe travels my friend -

Mahatma Spud

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves a traveling troubadour.....