Saturday, January 24, 2009

After sleepwalking through Thursday's show in Astoria, I was happy to be hittin' on all cylinders last night in Corvallis. Thanks, Robb & Ms. Alex, for opening your home and promoting me, and thanks also to "Blood on the Banjo" for playing first and bringing people.

I'm at Kirby and Megan's at the moment, preparing to drive north to Portland so that I can fly south to San Francisco for another house concert tonight. No one's awake here yet. I'll wait another hour, 'til Little Bear wakes up. He's talking, sort of. "Banana" comes out "badaaadananama." "North Dakota" sounds something like "nadnaanadakote."


Anonymous said...

You were hittin' em out of the park last night Bro! Thanks for the Funk & the Folk. Happy Trails-

Ballad of a (Tater) Salad

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms. Alex & Robb! ! !

Peace - "Spud"

Anonymous said...

It was an absolute pleasure host the house show. An evening we'll never forget. Everyone loved it and is spreading the word, so make sure to include Corvallis the next time you're making the rounds. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

--Robb and Ms. Alex