Monday, February 09, 2004

Tonight is the first time I've ever used my own computer to post a journal entry. I've always used either the library's or the Evergreen computer center or my roommate Lenny's or an internet cafe but never my own! My pal, Christian, gave it to me for cheap. I've christened it "Abbie" after the late, great Yippie activist, Abbie Hoffman, whose autobiography I'm almost finished with. He had just the right amount of mischief and seriousness to make an impact on his generation (and mine!), and thusly I now have confidence that this PC will do the same. The screen is small but it does it all. The mouse-pad sticks but does the trick. The keyboard is funky and the modem is clunky but now they're mine and I think they're just fine.

And speakin' of cheese... my Wisconsin pal Ivanhood, and I, have begun planning an "around-the-USA-in-thirty-days-in-May" tour. I'll keep you updated as to where we'll start, etc. as we figure it all out.

Today I saw a double-feature with my friend Candyce-- Peter Pan and Big Fish. Both were pretty entertaining, I thought.

Tomorrow I'll be removing carpet at the Martin Apartments. Kurt Cobain tromped all over that carpet in the late 80's/early 90's. Truth.

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