Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Here's another morale-boosting quote. This one from a young woman (and mother of a cute little two-year-old) who wrote this last Fall:

"I have to let ya know that you are admired by many people, not only for your music, but for your unique individuality, warmth, and spirit. It shines clear through your eyes, and when I first saw you perform it was obvious. You're just a cool normal guy speaking from the heart through song, and by golly, Mr. Cowboy, you underestimate your ingenious talent in a ridiculous way. I know with endurance and strength... you may be known far and wide for your wit and style. Keep that in mind please, as I, at least, see it in ya."

How awesome is that?! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy... Ok, I guess I'm slightly worthy. Thanks Dionne.

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