Sunday, February 08, 2004

Barefoot Scottie at CrimethInc. just picked up the The Long Walk Home cd envelopes and says they look awesome! The cds themselves got held up due to an east coast snowstorm, but will be shipped by next week.

I spent today at Evergreen forwarding as much tour-information as I could to Andras so that he can start booking me some decent shows. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have Andras and Scottie on my side. My dream-team is forming around me it seems. I've been realizing today how rich my life is. In spite of certain debts looming over my head and a car that might not make it much longer I sometimes feel like such a wealthy man. I have really fantastic parents who live like the rural, North Dakota gnomes they are, and who write me daily. I habitate an artistically thriving town with lots of friends. I have mentors like Calvin Johnson and Lois Maffeo and Bret Lunsford and Jason Traeger and Al Larsen. The new Sandman image that Trisha drew is classic and appealing. Chad's my drummer. Jonah's my deejay. Shawn and Carl produce me. KAOS and the pirate radio station play me. I'm still in love with all my current and ex-girlfriends (Trisha, Jen, Nina, Candyce, etc.)! I've watched lots of babies be born and grow up, who like me. Lucinda is now ten-yrs-old. Random's eight, I think!! I live in the greatest old house in Olympia with the cheapest rent and good room-mates. I have the nicest boss (Greg Lukens) who only needs me about once a week and pays $13/hr. for enjoyable work (tree removal). 319-JOE, the "Sea Biscuit" of all cars, keeps on tickin'. He's a true populist hero who carries me near and far without complaint-- so sleek, so road-worthy, I love him like no other. I play in a band (Step-world) with two of Olympia's finest songwriters (Jason Traeger and Peter Connelly). My favorite cd, A Year in the Life of Slippery Goodstuff, hasn't even officially been released and it's already outselling all four of my previous releases (in the time span that it's been available). The moon is full. Spring is knockin' on Winter's door. I have allies in many states. I like my guitar, cowboy hat, and Adidas tennis shoes. My mutton-chops grow thick and fairly evenly. I'm surely forgetting some things which will have to be added.

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