Sunday, October 16, 2005

Today was the Hill Top Home of Comfort Steak Feed & Auction annual fund raiser in Killdeer. The scheduled auctioneer didn't show up in time, so I was plucked from the field of faces and deputized as the afternoon's seller. This foolishness went on for a half hour until the real peddler showed up, and I reseated myself next to Mom. I'm pretty sure I lost Hill Top Home of Comfort a lot of potential profits, because I'd start each item low and then usually give it to the first or second bidder to save time. I sold pumpkins, trikes, lotion baskets, gift certificates, a houseplant, and a lot more. They gave me a box of Mt. Dew for my efforts. Grandpa and Grandma said they think I have a future in this business, but I know that I don't.

Last night I slept at Watership Down. I took photos from my yard of Vivian's steel quonset hut--one of them before I fell asleep and the other one when I awoke.



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