Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's snowing. I don't mind though. I have a warm house with electricity, propane, candles, and a kerosene lamp. Is this what it means to become wealthy? My life has hit its Elizabethan Age, perhaps. The Normans and Saxons have been fought off. The Puritans and Cavaliers have yet to become extremists. I, Shakespeare Sand, alone in my tiny hamlet, from the County of Dunn, write these words.

But, aye, there's the rub! For I, in fact, had to leave my fair cottage to fill up on Mum's pot roast, and use Pater's iMac. . . (beth).

Doubly lucky, then.
If only I had a lady by my side each night back in the wasp den. Or two?
Were I and my soft pale-breasted love
and none in Crioch Fail awake
men and women all sound asleep
and I and my love at play!
White limb of joy, my fairest girl
my knowledge-star ascending
no priest or friar will I believe
that it's sin to couple in love.

-- Anonymous Irish
fl. 17th century


rhein said...

"or two?" LOL. sounds fun. me, ME! pick me:)!

Chris Sand said...

But, Rhein, I hardly know ye. . . . Whofore art thou, beyond thou lovely photographs?

Anonymous said...

'lo i just got The Long Walk Home and its great just awsome you proably don't need another review but i just wanted you to know i really love your music oh and my pop too when you comin' to Chicago?? -- benj

rhein said...

Michigan and Texas. mostly Michigan, though.

Chris Sand said...

Rhein, I said "whofore" not "wherefore." That's a probably an impossible question to answer, though. (Also, I meant "thy lovely photographs. . ." not "thou.")

Benj-thanks! I'll take all the good reviews I can. I don't know when I'll make it to Chicago. Where would you recommend playing there when I do?

Jillygirl- Remind me who Josh Turner is. My friends in Livingston don't live in a straw bale house. My dad's building one here in North Dakota, though. You'll love Livingston. Let me know when you move there as I plan to play shows there more often, now.