Friday, August 05, 2005

Today I paid a dude $1000 straight up for this 95-year-old house. It's charmingly odd and old-fashioned, and no one has lived there since the previous owner (an uncle of the seller) blew his brains out on the porch ten years ago. Thus, it's overrun w/ shrubs, mice, and spiders. I'll fix it up good, though, as soon as the utility people turn the water and electricity on.

Holy shit, I'm a home owner!!!

This is my first bachelor house. I had to borrow the money from Mom, but within two paychecks I'll have it completely paid off.

There's much more to this story that I want to tell you; I shall try to slowly unfold it like a mystery novel.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris,

I can't wait to see photos of it! I hope your good. Let's talk soon!

xoxo trisha

Anonymous said...

Yeah congrats. How many bedrooms/baths and square footage? Also how much land you get with it? Sounds like a steal!

jawcey said...

gosh, that's exciting! and a fixer-upper to boot. enjoy the process.

(from an old DOS fan)

ps - and unrelated, but fan-based, i listened to some of your albums last night after a long break and they literally made my night. it was a melancholic bachelorette kind of night and your music had me laughing out loud (actually, i'm laughing now as i think about it). so thankyou :) cheers.

Chris Sand said...

Thanks everyone! Square footage must be close to 600.

The land is 50' x 150'.

Anonymous said...

Good deal man, sounds well below avg market prices by like 20-30 grand or more. All the best with it. Enjoy.

Chris Sand said...

North Dakota has a depressed economy. I doubt this house could have got more than 2 grand out here. Locals estimated it to be less than a thou, but I didn't want to haggle this guy because I value it at $90,000.00 which would probably be the going price in Olympia where I lived a year ago.

Anonymous said...

nice chris!! the place looks great.

Anonymous said...




That is so insane! And cool!!!

Way to go and congratulations Chris!!