Monday, August 08, 2005

My second post of the evening...

To the person who appeared disgusted by the foul "feces" comment in August 3rd's entry, I changed it. Whether you were being serious or not, I decided that my referencing of obscure and vulgar self-created mythologies might be missing the mark, so to speak. As my true goal is to elegantly nuzzle my way into the American heart, and not stay mired in the kidneys of bohemia, I hereby decide to rigorously strive to keep each and every blog accessible to every reader.

That said, I may continue to get lost "in the moment" from time to time. Daily all-access journals are a perilous art form! Especially to we who live in small, rural areas, eh? Without the time for thoughtful editing, random-fire ideas can come off as arrogant, childish, disrespectful, gross, etc..

I, also, don't want to get fired from my job or besmirch my family's name in this very small community. Truth.
My bawdy CDs, however, are a different beast. They have "parental advisory" stickers and I do my best to warn buyers which ones have obscene content. (On that note, I may get hanged yet--but not because I purposely stuck my neck in the loop...)

On a final note to new readers, please stick around. I like your feedback.


Anonymous said...

you like our feedback,
we like your music.

Anonymous said...

VIDI LUCI FECE - The Empire Has Not Ended or Yet To Be Concluded...