Tuesday, August 23, 2005

As many of you know, I'm the current curator of the Dunn County Historical Museum in Dunn Center, North Dakota. I work 40 hours/week setting up events, writing articles, mowing, cleaning, giving tours, creating exhibits, etc. The museum is overseen by the Dunn County Historical Society, which is made of county residents who want to preserve local history.

The president of the Historical Society died two nights ago in her sleep. Her name was Virginia Wolff. (She married into the Wolff surname). She went by Ginnie, though. I gave her the nickname "G-Dub" when I last saw her, teasing her about being the president. She lived in Dodge, about 20 miles from the museum.

Ahh, how strange. Another death so soon. Ginnie was a big, kind farm woman, who I think just worked too hard. She loved to talk about cats, combines, and her husband, Clarence. At Historical Society meetings she tended to encourage people to ramble on about mundane things like the weather and gardening. This sometimes annoyed volunteer attendees who were on tight schedules, but I, being a paid employee, always appreciated her leisurely pace. She was a really sweet woman. Her funeral is on Thursday.

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