Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dunn County Museum's 1st Annual Cream Can Supper went perfectly last evening. Eighty-five folks showed up for this delicious meal made by Dunn Center resident Janene Knudsvig. The ambience was highly augmented by the accordion tunes of my 75-yr-old pal, Joe Frederick, and an arrowhead-making demonstration by a fellow named Joe Hicks. The weather was sublime, and the garden vibrant. It was probably my favorite museum event of the summer. Here are some photos:

It took Janene & five of these cans to feed the hungry crowd.

Corn, cabbage, carrots, onions, spuds, and sausage in one can.

Come and get it! (Grandpa & Grandma are at the front of the line, on the left, w/ striped shirts.)

Me busting a honky tonk freestyle over Joe Frederick's accordion groove (not really--i'm just yapping). Joe played w/ Lawrence Welk once. Welk is from North Dakota, too.

The tables lined from the log cabin all around the garden.

Note: Click on pics to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

so when are you going to sing at the local pub in dunn center??

Chris Sand said...

i'll play in the pub anytime.