Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tomorrow Dad and I will drive western Montana for my cousin/goddaughter-- Julianna's --wedding. Lots of family will be there which is exciting. I am especially thrilled to see Grandma Herak, who has been making an amazing recovery since the last time I saw her. Six months ago, it appeared that she was on her death bed--now she's out gambling and going to sports events! She's awesome. Her full name is Julia Viola Sullivan Herak. My terrific godmother/aunt, Julie Bryher Herak, will also be there.

That's a lot of Julies, already, but there's more--

On Friday, I have a date, in Missoula, with a lovely lass named Julia K. We're not related, of course. She was my neighbor for years while growing up in Charlo, MT. So I guess we were sort of like family. An irrigation ditch separated her folks' land from my folks' land. I actually babysat her and her brother, Matt, in the summer of 1984.

I may not get a chance to update this for awhile, so sayonara until next week!


Anonymous said...

two questions:
1. how far do you have to drive for a date in missoula?
2. when you babysat julie k. did you ever change her diapers?
have fun. drive safe.

Chris Sand said...

two answers:
1. 694 miles.
2. nope. (but very funny question)

Anonymous said...

what does a godparent do?

Anonymous said...

Verily, a godparent does smite a child when they misbehave!!