Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The creative ether --
Don't know who I am, where I've been, or where it ends.
No close friends and not much money to spend.
A tragic romantic floating between the Pacific & Atlantic
On a bed of quicksand. . .but not frantic.

I am the sand. I am the land. I am Lost Coyote Boy.

I am Everyman.

My Olympia pal & drummer, Garf Austinson, just wrote and asked how I was. I rhymed the above reply. He reports that his daughter, Clementine Danger, is starting to babble and drool.

Here's a photo of Garf (in hat).


Chris Sand said...

I hate it--too melodramatic, or something. And self-absorbed. Too rhymey. Not enough rhymes. Too many references to sand. Wrong font. Too many periods. Half-baked analogies. Failed alliteration techniques. Not enough adverbs. Fragile bone structure. Too much hair on its neck. Too sad. Attracted to the wrong women...

Anonymous said...

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is this strange to see? 62602 words. hmmmm. you gotta lot to say.

Chris Sand said...

Those stats haven't changed since 2003. I think I've written more than 1,000 posts. Also, I changed servers in Sept. of 2002, so all the posts before that weren't counted in this tally.

I'm a certified blog maniac.