Sunday, June 12, 2005

Public journals are a balancing act. It seems right to divulge the jist of what's going on, but not the gory or mundane or overwrought details. A public blog ought to assist its readership to see things from a fresh perspective. Or at least to entertain.

For instance, last week I struggled with a revelation that a woman who'd been planning to visit me this summer was now not so invested in that idea. Heartbreak can last from a lifetime to a moment. Fortunately for me the duration keeps shrinking.

It lasted about seven days this go 'round. Not long enough to even get a song from! But that's a good thing.

I'm through with sad songs. E-minor has met its Maker.
Tonight Farmor sat me down and talked religion. She wants me to go to Heaven. That's fair. I told her church is boring. She recommends coming in half way through the service to catch the sermon and wine and hot Lutheran single moms afterwards. I can probably do that. This could be using God incorrectly, but what do I know?

Like the words "freedom," "cowboy," and "love"--God has become more than just a simple, easy-to-define noun.

This I think I know: God is good. God is the answer. God is inside us all.


Anonymous said...

man, that is hilarious. My mom/grandma do the same thing--they've always got their eyes peeled for a good lutheran farm boy.

Senseless said...

In Us and Around Us.

Anonymous said...

can't beleive you still haven't found a lady. know a couple that think you are pretty hot.

Anonymous said...

are you into couples?

Anonymous said...

what about twins?

Anonymous said...

I meant I know a couple young ladies that think you are hot

Anonymous said...

i know a couple older ladies that think you are hot