Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Here's a brief report of Sunday's show at Hill Top Home of Comfort:

I sang "Dear Grandma," "Farmor," "Saddle Bum," "I Saw the Light," "Imaginary World," "Miss Rodeo Montana," "I Still Miss Someone," "M for Montana," "Reincarnation," "Hole Digger," and "Roll On Little Dogies, Roll On." And maybe a couple more.

Some of them sang along to "I Saw the Light" and "Roll On Little Dogies, Roll On." Some slept. One fellow's wheel chair kept chirping.

I need to start practicing as my presentation lacked polish.

Last night I watched a movie about Bobby Darin. The night before that, Howard Hughes.

Teresa's still here. We are enjoying our time together. She is awaiting a tent sent from Oregon. After it arrives she will continue her American walkabout.

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Anonymous said...

is it really called the hilltop home of comfort?