Thursday, June 23, 2005

At 6:30 this morning Teresa and I drove to Dickinson to meet my friends Alex, Froseph, and Jamie who are traveling from Olympia to Winona, MN by Greyhound. The bus had a scheduled 1/2 hour breakfast break. I ordered hashbrowns and eggs.

Alex, Froseph, and Jamie formed a band called the Nashville Superstars and played for me a bluegrass rendition of my rap song "Time Released Tattoo." Froseph's real name is Joseph, but due to his "Afro" hairdo he acquired the other name.

Which reminds me--Afroman has a new album coming out! I would like to tour with him someday.

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Anonymous said...

alex here,
for those of you wondering what NoDak has done to our Rappin' Cowboy...
no one in the diner/bowling alley in Dickinson looked at him funny at all (unlike they looked at me, and *gasp* black people and assorted other disgruntled weary travelers passing miserably through their hot early morning town). the man of Sand looks respectable with a nice haircut, no mutton chops, a clean western shirt tucked neatly into his blue jeans. i'm sure he's slowly gathering respect from the locals. i look forward to seeing him as an upstanding citizen/curator at the museum.
nice to see you, however briefly, chris.
ps--the nashville superstars are heading straight to the top, if you wanna hop on board. we have no scruples whatsoever. we will first take over Branson Missouri, and then Nashville (a city none of us has ever lived in).
If you give us Time Release Tattoo, we will sell our recording back to you...that's how you make a profit, son.