Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yesterday I mentioned that I sang last week at the Lily of the Valley Personal Care Home, where my Grandma now lives. There was an 87-year-old woman there named Josephine Miller who had a big impact on me. She was raised in Long Island, NY, and was a portrait painter. I asked her if I could see her work and she let me browse her portfolio. Her art was amazing and diverse. She was an artist extraordinaire. We struck it off immediately, and between my songs, she commented on my "soulfulness" and poetry. When I left I hugged her and told her I'd visit her again in February. She replied that by that time she'd be either in heaven or hell. I said that I'd see her there then, whichever "there" she ended up in (I'll travel anywhere). Inside, though, I didn't believe she would die anytime soon. Although her collapsed vertabrae and cancered lungs clearly pained her greatly and around-the-clock, her mind was crystal clear. This morning we got news that she died at St. Joseph's hospital in Polson. I'm glad I got to meet her. May she rest peacefully.


Anonymous said...

When does your next CD come out?

Chris Sand said...

My next CD? Good question. You know that I just released a CD this Fall called: Sandman Live and Suspicious! It's getting picked up by Rock Ridge Records and will be in stores sometime in the Spring. I'll probably have another one out by next Fall. I'm tempted to record an all a capella album in the next month, but I have zero money to mass market it.