Thursday, January 27, 2005

I haven't had time to do any more anagram research. I'm diggin' all the comments, though, so keep on.

Today's show at Normandale College was interesting. The crowd looked embarrassed for me for most of the show until a couple students from Africa arrived at the cafeteria and cheered me on appreciatively. Then everybody seemed to relax and "get" me, and by show's end I had a nice crowd lining up at the merchandise table. A fellow named Abdou was the first to buy a cd. I should have just given him one though, 'cause it was his and his friend's enthusiasm that turned the tide. Sincere thanks due!

After the show I hung out with my old buddy Jack Norton. He's a king--seriously one of the sweetest guys I know. Then this evening I saw a concert of old-time music in Minneapolis. There were three bands--Uncle Earl, Foghorn String Band, and the Mammals. They all rocked. An old friend of mine, Susan Gilchrist, who I knew from Nashville, played stand-up bass and mandolin in Uncle Earl. It was a total, out-of-context surprise to see her there, as I'd come mainly to see the Mammals. She used to date my pal and bandmate, Asher. (On a side-note: in the early 90's she played in an early incarnation of The Dixie Chicks.) Susan, like Jack, is also a gem and invited me into the "green room" to eat all the bands' food and drink their beverages. I ended up getting the runs and bogarting the green room's only toilet.

Tomorrow I drive back to Killdeer, ND.

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