Sunday, January 16, 2005

Here are descriptions of my six cds; or actually five 'cause my 1st--Roll Out, Cowboy, and my 3rd--Until the End of Time are both sold out. I now package those two together on one cd--Funk and Western--that I sell for $15 postage-paid.

Roll Out, Cowboy (1996)--A shot-gun of rap, funk, and folk. Includes the favorites "Tribute to 'Rapper's Delight'", "Ronald McDonald," "Heartbreak Was Her Name," and "12-Ft-High Tires (and a 12-Yr-Old Girlfriend)."

Love's Hangover Sale (1998)--"These are the songs a prairie wanderer might pen, as he hunkers down over his campfire with the wide open space dark all around, full of musings, memories, love, heartbreak, and of course humor, the ultimate salvation." - Emmeline Mead, aXis Magazine. (40% cover-songs: Jimmie Rodgers, Utah Phillips, Woody Guthrie, etc.) $15 postage-paid.

Until the End of Time (2000)--A Sandman and Camo hip hop collaboration, filled with organic beatbox and some of my most popular raps. Includes favorites "Persian Den of Sin," "Shy Girl," Olympia's the Capitol (of Rock 'n' Roll)," When the Cyclone Struck," and "Out of Place."

The Long Ride/Walk Home (2002)--Humor and pain mixed in a saddle-bum stew. This cd chronicles Sandman's search for community, or at least a camarado. Features "Radio Works Fine," "Imaginary World," and "Folk Legend (MLK)." $15/$10 postage-paid.

A Year in the Life of Slippery Goodstuff (2003)--A lusty Rap/R & B creation. Probably my funniest, rawest, and most cohesive cd to date. Beats by Nerviz, and turntablism by Blandow Charismium. Guest cameos by Anna Oxygen, Khaela Maricich (The Blow), Susan Ploetz (Pash), Scream Club, and Jen Grady (The Wax Fire). Parental discretion advised. $12 postage-paid.

Sandman the Rappin' Cowboy: Live and Suspicious! (2004)--A selection of 9 new songs and 3 new versions of songs recorded on previous albums--all LIVE (except for track #1: "Suspicious"). This album gives a good representation of both my rap side and my folk/country side. My most politically scathing album w/ songs like "Shenanigans," "Revolution Come," "Beauty Myth," and "Scapegoat Song." $12 postage-paid.

Send checks, money-orders, or cash to: Chris Sand / c/o Rob and Mary Sand / P.O. Box 265 / Killdeer, ND 58640.

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