Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Slippery Goodstuff play Slippery Goodstuff:

Mama mia, where to begin. Well, I think it was a success on many levels. The only bummer is that less than 200 people came to see it, which means we didn't quite break even. Due to all the good publicity, and wonderful flyers, I was expecting at least 400 people. Fortunately, though, we made enough to at least pay for the dee jay, the wireless mics, the house manager, theater rent, soundperson, and promotion. We were also able to give a small amount of money to The Lucky Devil Girly Show, and the out-of-town Log Hog members for gas and food expenses.

Here, now, are some highlights:

1. I had fun all night!
2. The play ran smoothly which was a miracle given that we hadn't had a chance to do any run throughs.
3. Many, many people told me how much they loved the play and were inspired by it.
4. My friends, Vanessa and Bill, from the Oregon Dept. of Kick Ass, were there to document it on video.
5. Abraham Lincoln, played by David Scherer, and Sydney Hann did a stunningly, superb tandem job of the evening. David wrote an amazing master of ceremonies manuscript which I plan to share soon.
6. Lots of friends volunteered their time to help out.
7. Shawn and Jonah kept the play dynamic and funny.
8. Scream Club rocked my world during "No L, No S, No F."
9. The DVD component of the play was inspired. Shawn created images to flesh out certain ideas, and projected them on a screen behind us.
10. Perhaps I'll make a DVD of the play itself and have it available for purchase soon, given all the good video footage from the evening.
11. We were able to build a semi truck which we rolled onstage for the hitch-hike scene!
12. Dumpster Values, a vintage 2nd hand store, let us pillage their wares for the night. I found a really funky/suave purple-and-red outfit which I wore. I looked like a tall, white Prince (the Artist).
13. The Lucky Devil Girly Show did a marvelous job throughout the night keeping the audience sexified and titillated.
14. Nicki Click joined the cast at the last minute. She was my lovely "sperm distribution assistant," and was a swell addition.
15. Stay tuned--I'll keep adding to this list as remember things.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for covering your butt hole during the g-string sequence.

Anonymous said...

Keep this show alive, it will bring you prosperity!

Anonymous said...

Are you in North Dakota now? Please give your fans an update.

Tom said...

i would buy that dvd! thanks again for having us chris. it was a blast indeed.

Chris Sand said...

I'll be in North Dakota in one week. I have a show in Missoula on Saturday.

About the g-string episode, I wasn't exactly trying to "cover" it. It was more like I was in pain from Sarah and Cindy's ferocious attack.

Anonymous said...

Were you raped by the scream club crew?

Anonymous said...

No, not literally--my hand merely conveyed the implied violation.

Anonymous said...

that was the best new years i've had ever i think, except for when i was like 6 thrilled to stay up so late and run circles around the inside of the house the number of time of the new year. other than THAT, it was truly the best. really. (if you weren't there, you all missed out, big time.)