Sunday, January 02, 2005

If anyone is interested in buying full color, 11x17, Slippery Goodstuff flyers (with autograph if so desired) send $5 postage-paid to: Sand / Box 265 / Killdeer, ND 58640. Don't write "Chris Sand" or it will get forwarded to my great-uncle in Anaheim. Just--Sand. This is a sort of minor fund-raising effort for me since I ended up losing money on the play.

More on the play tomorrow, which is in ten minutes.

Meanwhile, here's a letter from S____ in San Francisco:

"Hey Sandman,

I found your music on Crimethinc, its totally awesome dude. Its nice to have something original and smart in music these days, it's just all so stale. I'm probably going to get 'long walk home' off the crimethinc site, is it your only full length album, or is there another one you recommend?"
It's a fair question, but I never know what to say. I recommend all my cds, and most of my tapes. They are each a unique child to me.

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