Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I ate pancakes and eggs for dinner. My parents are watching West Wing. I helped Dad sheetrock the basement today. The snow is powdery. Welcome to Killdeer, ND. I don't care that it's -40 outside; I want to go sledding and eat flaky snow.

Four nights ago I played a slumber party show in Missoula. The next day I spent with my grandma who lives in an assisted living center in Ronan, MT. Ronan is the town where I graduated from high school. Grandma is still in rough shape; her memory is slipping a little, too. I played a handful of songs for her, and the others, including "Dear Grandma" and "It's Good to Be Awake When She Arrives." I think I unsettled some of the elders when I started throat singing during "Death of a Red Mare," but mostly everyone appreciated the free entertainment.

I believe my stay here may not prove to be the most fertile environment for creative journaling. For instance, it's difficult to concentrate on writing when the television's on. But I'll try my best. Regardless, it's good to be here.

Before I forget, I want to give a shout-out to my friend, Yuko, who drove down from Seattle to help me pack 319 JOE last Friday. She'll be moving back to Japan next month with her boyfriend, Eli. She's the coolest!

Also, I fell in love with someone eight days ago. Yes, LOVE!!! It's a secret.


Anonymous said...

love... i wanna know. do you have a secret site somewhere that inquiring minds can learn of the details? answer in code and i will decipher it.

Anonymous said...

i bet i know your na na na na-na

Chris Sand said...

I fell in love with a Garden or maybe she is an Ocean. But aren't we all? Yes!