Friday, July 30, 2004

Today was intense! This morning Andras called me to let me know he wants Pop Ghetto to release a Sandman Live at Folk Alliance cd. He needs to have a thousand copies ready to distribute by Aug. 15th. I spent the first ten hours of today listening to all the tracks, choosing the songs and the song order, making notes about when to fade in and out, figuring out who to thank in the liner notes, etc. Normally this would be a week-long process, but I have too much to do in the next two days to prepare for the Slippery Goodstuff tour; for instance memorizing my lines for the play, silk-screening "Sandman" pillowcases, assembling cds, making new "You Can Do Anything" zines, and a lot more.

Ay Caramba!

Then, this evening Blandow, Zardoz, and myself performed the play in front of an audience! We invited a dozen friends who then gave us feedback. Everybody enjoyed it, but it's extremely evident that we have a long way to go yet. Obviously, memorizing the lines will make everything go smoother. Except for that, I was mostly pleased with our performance. Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle and tweaked my knee, a little, while dancing. I need an osteopath to fix my groin which in turn throws me off balance all the time, and, thus, causes other body parts pain. Mama mia!

Buenos noches.

p.s. Here are the songs for the new Sandman Live at Folk Alliance album--

1. All the Things I Done Wrong
2. Shenanigans *
3. Shell-shocked Man
4. Radio Works Fine *
5. Beer Pressure
6. Revolution Come *

(previously known as "Sand vs. Bush (The Senator Strikes Back)"
7. Laborer *
8. Scapegoat Song *
9. Beauty Myth *

(potentially followed by "Persian Den of Sin")
10. 319 JOE
11. White Line Highway *
12. Gorilla
13. Please, Louise
14. Ghost *
15. Imaginary World *
16. Saddle Bum/Tribute to "Rapper's Delight" *

w/ Garf on drums

Note: most of these selections aren't on any of my previous cds, but many will probably get produced and included on the next one. It's good to have a document of how the "live" set sounds, though.

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