Sunday, July 25, 2004

Collective living follows me wherever I go. Take for instance the house where I've lived for the last two years. My five housemates and I buy our food collectively, pay our bills collectively, and do projects collectively. We just spent $10,000 that we've collectively saved up and, last week, had our house and garage painted green and red. We are now collectively cleaning out the basement so we can have more punk shows and parties. Ann just made a chicken dinner and we ate it under the canopy of our black walnut tree. Lenny made burritos for lunch. Kat is about to show reel-to-reel videos on our front porch and serve strawberry sour cream streusel cake to our guests. It's a shame that I'm always so behind on rent because I don't ever want to have to leave here. Having a community is good for my morale.

Another example is my relationship with Pop Ghetto. Their website is as yet unfinished, but you can get a glimpse of it here. Oops, that's not true... I guess it's not quite hooked up.

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