Sunday, July 11, 2004

I'm a little embarrassed by this next image. It's the official Minnesota Fringe Fest posting for the "Slippery Goodstuff" play. Ummm... let's just say that the picture I sent them looks more gay than I realized. If you read the warnings (Queer content, Nudity, etc.) the play starts looking even more gay. It's misleading, though, because first of all nobody will be getting naked, I don't think. Secondly, the only real "queer" content about it is the scene where Scream Club, the lesbian rap duo, threatens to "tag-team" me. Shawn and Jonah will take Cindy and Sarah's place for this song due to the fact that they can't be there. I'm not scared of drawing a big, gay male crowd. It's more like I don't want to let them down when they realize the theme is heterosexual. I also don't want to scare away a "straight" crowd. My roommates think that the contradictions I speak of will ultimately be what excites those who came with more stereotypical preconceptions. Word of mouth will likely draw both men, women, gays, and hets they tell me. I'm not as confident... but, perhaps I should be. "Artistic tensions" and "polar perspectives" do seem to be my specialty.

On to other gay, er, I mean merry news... this from the Lazy E-4 ranch in Killdeer, ND, sent to me this morning:

You should have seen the sight yesterday. From the upstairs balcony I saw 87-year-old Uncle Chris chasing the horses with his 4-wheeler. He was wearing only his tighty-whities. For a while the horses were circling a clump of buffalo berry bushes and he was going round and round after them. At the time I thought it was a hoot. Turns out they had gotten into sacks of feed in his garage and scattered things good. He was not too happy.

Love ya Son, Dad

(Ed. note: See, what I'm trying to say is that naked-man-in-cowboy-hat doesn't always have to equal that-one-dude-from-the-Village-People/Rock Hudson.)

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